Holidays and traditions









The festivities are the manifestation of our identity, contribute to make people and root our values.

In Figuerola del Camp we celebrate:

SANT ANTIM: the weekend close to May 11. It’s the Little Major Festival.

SANT JAUME PATRONAL PARTY: the weekend closest to July 25. It’s the Summer Festival. Around this date, there are a series of days in which the town fills up with ludic and festive acts, open to everyone and designed for all audiences.

FESTIVAL OF THE MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL HERITAGE: Saturday of the month of September. Organized by the Catalan Private Foundation for Iberian Archeology. The objective is to make known the historical and artistic heritage present in the different museums and monuments of the municipality. The central act is a historical recreation by the local theater group Qué Batir!

PATRONAL PARTY OF ESPERANÇA: the weekend close to December 18th. On Saturday Figuerola del Camp renews the vote of Pueblo, which was established in 1803 in honor of the Virgin of Hope for having saved them from the plague.

And in Miramar:

NIGHT OF THE CANDLES: 4th Saturday of August. Festival of Music a la Fresca. Organized by the Neighborhood Association of Miramar.

PATTY FESTIVAL OF SANT MATEU: Sunday close to September 21.