Miramar is a population center that belongs in Figuerola del Camp. It is located to the south-eastern slopes of the Sierra Carbonària, at 660 meters of altitude and is accessed from the ctra. N-240, between Valls and Montblanc, or by the GR-7.

The town originated in the surroundings of a castle now disappeared. The original structure of the houses, and of the church, was that of constructions of fortified character, with their backs to the exterior, with the walls arranged like a wall. Together with Figuerola, he belonged in the castle of Prenafeta during the 12th and 13th centuries.

It is necessary to emphasize the Romanesque church of Sant Mateu, of a single ship, raised apse, door with arquivuelta with geometric reasons and espadanya. Inside there is an altar dedicated to the patron of hikers, Sant Bernat de Menthon.

The place of Miramar had reached 162 inhabitants in 1867, but throughout the twentieth century there was a process of depopulation. At the moment it is a nucleus of second residence, mainly in summer.