Bridge of the Devil and Cave of the Cat









Aqueduct or bridge of dry stone located on the Torrent of the Cortijos, to 3,6 km of the nucleus of population of Figuerola in direction towards the way of Valls and the Tower of the Mixarda.

It consists of a round point arch, 8 meters high, 18 long and 0.80 wide and supported, on both sides, on the rock of the banks of the torrent.

The first news known date of the year 1285, when the abbot of Poblet gives the water and the aqueduct to the men of Valls.

Following the road in the direction of Fontscaldes, and 200 meters from Cortijo de en Lobo, you will find the path that will lead you to the Cueva del Gato. It is a sepulchral cave from the Chalcolithic period or the initial bronze, where burials were practiced. It was excavated by Dr. Salvador Vilaseca in 1934 and subsequently several archaeological interventions have been made.

In the excavations have been human bones, ceramic fragments decorated with laces and buttons, flint, collar denes and wildlife remains.