Tower of the Mixarda











Watch tower of the XVII century. Located at 3.6 km from the town center and in the direction of Valls, to the Cortijo de en Lobo. It has a circular masonary floor and is 10.5 meters high by 6 meters in diameter.

The entrance door is oriented to the east and has a one-piece lintel and jambs of cut stone. In the interior, in the earth, you can see the cistern with dry stone turn. On the first floor there are three equidistant loopholes, at the second three square windows and at the highest part, on the roof, the three gargoyles are drained to be drained and three brackets that support the three matacanas.

The upper floors and the roof are accessed by means of three wooden stairs located between the floors. Inside the tower has located the interpretation center of the watch towers. A leisure area has been established around it.

The 1985 was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and is of municipal ownership.

Since 2014, the Torre de la Mixarda is part of a reintroduction program for the white owl.