A round by the Jordà









Quiet walk to explore the Sierra del Jordà, included in the Natural Interest Area of ​​the Tossal Gros de Miramar.

Time: 2h 47 ‘
Distance: 10 km

We will leave Figuerola del Camp through the Virgen de Esperanza street and we will connect with the Huertos path. On the sunny side, we will climb the path shaded by a beautiful holm oak forest until the Era of the Cateri, at the top of the ridge. Wild boars have become lords of this wonderful place. We will continue, for the obaga; We will take a path surrounded by a crowd of spectacular holly trees that will take us to almost Paloma’s neck.

Here we can decide if we return to Figuerola along the track or we ascend, along the path that resides the cliff, in the highest mountain of the Sierra de Miramar: Tossal Gordo of 867 m, or Tozal de Sant Jordi, known more flatly by the Morrot – of the Holy One. It is not necessary to say that the climb to the summit is absolutely recommended, both for the beauty of the landscapes that are seen from above, and for the great natural value of the place. The descent is face to face in the castle of Prenafeta to the homonymous neck and from this the track, which coincides with the GR-175 the Cistercian Route, is planning to the town of Figuerola del Camp.

Throughout the route we will find information panels of the nature itinerary referring to vegetation, fauna, flora, geology; etc. Choose the itinerary you choose, you will see how you will be pleasantly surprised by one of the most highly preserved corners of the Alt Camp.