Ruta del Cister








The Ruta del Cister is currently the most important cultural and interior tourism brand in Catalonia thanks, among other things, to the efforts of each of the municipalities to believe that tourism is a serious path for the future and prosperity.

Located in a rural environment of the interior Catalonia, the success of which rae to the fact of enhancing each and every one of the 65 municipalities that make up the 3 regions and all the monumental, cultural, scenic and gastronomic attractions they offer.

The backbone of this brand are the 3 Cistercian monasteries, Poblet, Santas Cruces and Vallbona de les Monges.

To enter the Cistercian Route is to enjoy: Heritage, nature, hiking, festivals and traditions, cultural events, gastronomy and agri-food products, crafts, museums, lodgings, and a thousand more sensations …

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